How DroneFreak Started

Hello everyone, my name is Bob DeWitt and I am the Freak, DroneFreak.  First I would like to give you a little background information about DroneFreak.  I have been flying radio-controlled aircraft on and off for the last 40 years.  I also started getting involved with digital photography when the first digital cameras started to hit the market.  I purchased a Casio QV2000 UX and was stunned at the quality and the satisfaction I gained through this newfound hobby.  I didn’t have to get my film developed and I could gain instant gratification at seeing my photographs immediately.

How I started Flying Drones

Now let’s talk about the flying part.  It all began with a glider I built while in High School.  I had so much fun building my glider from scratch and ending up flying it for years.  Ok, that was a long time ago but since then I started venturing into RC helicopters, and my first helicopter was an Align Trex 500.  Although it was challenging I learned a lot about setting up controls on my radio and how to fly.  Once I got the flying part working I wanted to attach a camera to my helicopter.  Sounded easy enough.  After several prototypes, I almost had stable footage, but the important part is how difficult it is to capture stable footage while flying a helicopter.

The vibration was the most difficult thing to overcome even with perfectly balanced props and a reinforced frame and a lot of high-end components.  It was at that time that I noticed a company called DJI.  They had just developed their first Zenmuse gimbal and released this video.  (Below)

I was astonished at how stable the footage was and I knew at that point this would be my path.

How I Started with Dones

I bought the very first DJI Drone the S800 Spreadwings in a pre-order with a Zenmuse Nex5n Gimbal.  I was so excited, and this was my first introduction to DJI.  There were a lot of problems in the beginning.  First, the ESC’s were recalled (the things that control the motors) they did send new ones but I had to do all the work.  Secondly, they recalled certain versions of the GPS/Compass module that came with Wookong-M.  So basically we were beta testers working for free and at our expense.  Since then DJI has made great strides and has streamlined most of the products they offer today.  Overall I love DJI products and there forward-thinking.  They have a strong team and are leading the Drone industry with over 80% of the market share.  I just wish I had started a little later it would have literally saved me thousands of dollars.

I think that’s enough for now. I just want to let you know I’ve been around for a long time and have a good understanding of Drones and DJI products and services.  Since I use DJI products I think I can help a lot of people.  I hope to have my FPV series up and running soon.  You can see my professional drone services website at www.photoflyboy.com