What is the Correct Way to Calibrate DJI DRONE Compass?

While the manual shows one way the DJI go 4 app shows another way to calibrate your compass.  So what is the correct way to hold your drone during compass calibration and does it really matter?

From what I can tell after calibrating the compass both ways it doesn’t seem to matter, so long as you rotate in a counterclockwise direction.   The DJI manual shows the drone pointing straight down (perpendicular to the ground) while the DJI GO4 App shows the camera pointing parallel to the ground.  What gives?

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I have always and continue to point the camera nose down perpendicular to the ground as I rotate in a counterclockwise direction as this is the method used in older models of DJI drones.

Either way, you would think DJI would have a consistent way for calibrating such an important part of drone flight, the compass!

If anyone has a definitive answer please leave comments below or start a new thread in the forum (Community).  Thanks and fly safe!


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