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by | Jan 2, 2018 | Register Drone

Do I need to register my Small Drone?

For now, if you’re flying your small drone for recreational purposes you need to register your drone.  Before May 19th, 2017 all drone users had to register their drones.  Then Congress passed a bill on May 29th, 2017 saying registration was unconstitutional.  Since then on Dec 12th, 2017 this has changed once again.  Now requiring all drones to be registered weighing more than .55 pounds.   Just remember the FAA refers to your small drone as a UAS, “Unmanned Aerial System”.  Despite all these flip flops just go ahead and register your drone and save yourself some trouble keeping up with all the changes.

What Category Do I fall into?

When registering your small drone you will fall into one of two categories.

  1. Fly for hobby or recreation ONLY
  2. Fly for recreational OR commercial use

We will discuss the Part 107 section at a later time so for now, we will focus on hobby or recreation only.  You can visit the FAA’s website to learn more about the differences here.

How do I register my small Drone?

Registering your small drone (UAS) is an easy process that only takes a few minutes at the FAA’s website.  First, you need to create an account, then you can start adding Drones (UAS) to your profile.  You then need to add the UAS Type, nickname, manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, and then select add.    Once that is complete it will add your new drone to your shopping cart and you’re ready to check out.  The cost is $5 and will be good for 3 years.  I’m not sure what happens after 3 years but I assume they just want another $5 to keep it active and up to date.

Finally, you will need to add your FAA registration number to your Drone.  You. may consider using our premium drone registration numbers which you can find here.    Simply peel off the backing and attach to your drone, they are UV resistant and will last for years.

What else should I know?

Learn the laws and regulations in your area.  Here are the rules from the FAA for Recreational Drone use.

  • Follow community-based safety guidelines and fly within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization
  • Fly a model aircraft under 55 lbs. unless certified by a community-based organization
  • Fly within visual line-of-sight
  • Never fly near other aircraft
  • Notify the airport and air traffic control tower prior to flying within 5 miles of an airport
  • Never fly near emergency response efforts
The more you know the better but don’t get overwhelmed as this is a great hobby and a lot of fun.


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