What small Drone to buy?

by | Dec 18, 2017 | What Drone to buy

Intro – What small Drone to buy?

If your new to drones and trying to figure out what small drone to buy can be a little confusing with little or no information to guide you in the right direction.  That being said we’ll give you a little helping hand as we have been flying drones since they first appeared in the marketplace about 5 yrs ago.  Consequently, we have spent a small fortune learning what we know today. Today there are many small toy drones out there that we aren’t going to talk about here as they have limited technology and are somewhat difficult to fly.  We are going to talk about drones that are actually easy to fly with little or no experience.  They can even fly themselves with a tap on the screen. First of all, I would suggest going with the leader in the industry DJI.  With almost an 80% consumer done market share, it’s easy to see who’s leading the way.  There are lots of reasons for this but we’ll save that for a later post.  For now, we will just lead you in a logical order of DJI Drones to consider to answer the question what small drone to buy.

Drone For the Beginner

For the beginner and budget conscience, the small drone to buy is the DJI Spark.  The DJI Spark is a small compact drone that is packed with all the technology that is available with DJI’s more expensive drones.  The Spark is able to hover in position without any input from the operator.   So when you start to fly if just let go of the control sticks it will stop in place and hover.  It has obstacle avoidance to asset you from crashing into objects in your flight path.  The Spark is capable of shooting excellent stable footage and great photos.  Flight times up to 16 minutes and shoots Full HD 1920×1080 30p video and takes 12mp photos.  That’s pretty amazing for the size of the camera.  Still a very acceptable quality for most amateur photographers.  You can learn more about this little gem here.

Update for the Best Beginner Drone

Since writing this article DJI has released the DJI Mavic Mini and today released the DJI Air 2S.  Both are definitely an upgrade from the Spark and a Drones you should definitely consider.  You can learn more about the Mavic Mini in this article.  We will be adding an Air 2S article soon.  You can find both on the drone resources page.

A Good Entry-level Drone

Let’s consider the next small drone to buy, the DJI Mavic Pro.  The DJI Mavic Pro is your next level drone entry at twice the cost and a few important benefits.  What does the Mavic pro have that the Spark doesn’t?  It has almost twice the flight time and records video in 4K and photographs slightly over 12mb.  Video recording is at twice the bitrate as well, at 60 Mbps as compared to 24 Mbps with the spark.  Overall flight time is around 27 minutes as compared to the Spark at 16 minutes.  The Mavic Pro is a little bigger than the Spark but with the folding arms on the Mavic Pro, it’s just slightly bigger when folded.   And finally, this is one of the great advantages of the Mavic Pro as it’s easy to transport and deploy when your ready to catch that next great shot.  To learn more about the Mavic Pro small drone click here.

New Release of DJI Mavic Pro – the Platinum Edition

DJI has recently released a new version of the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro Platinum.  What’s the difference?  The color is slightly different and the Mavic Pro Platinum edition is a little quieter with new propellers and a new esc design.  All this means it will fly a little bit longer, about 3 min and will be a little quieter, all the other features are the same.  Learn more about the Mavic Pro Platinum edition here.

Great Entry Level professional Drone – DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Finally, the next small drone to buy is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.  If your considering making money with your drone then this is a good starting point.  It can take the elements a little better than the Mavic Pro, I mean you can fly in very windy conditions and still complete the task at hand.  Flight time is slightly longer with the Phantom 4 pro compared to the Mavic Pro at around 30 minutes.  This may not seem like a long time but if you haven’t flown a drone before 30 min is a long time in the air.  The camera itself has a bigger CMOS sensor and can record video at a higher frame rate of 100mbps.  You have many more options with this camera than with the Mavic Pro.  And finally obstacle avoidance.  The Phantom 4 Pro has 5 directions of obstacle avoidance, forward, backward, both sides and downward as opposed to just forward obstacle sensing for the Mavic Pro.  One final thought about the Phantom 4 Pro is its size.  The Phantom 4 Pro is considerably larger than a folded Mavic Pro so transporting the drone is a little more difficult.


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